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The Carmona, Lozano, Meza Law Firm provides aggressive and ethical
representation to all clients accused of crime.

A phone call from the police department about a child
is a parent’s worst nightmare.

As parents, our first instinct is to protect our children.   
Unfortunately for most parents, they cannot always 
protect their children from criminal accusations made 
by the government.

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Carmona, Lozano, Meza Law Firm

The Carmona, Lozano, Meza law firm provides aggressive and ethical representation to those clients accused of crime. Being charged with a crime can be the most unnerving time in one’s life and can cause great personal and professional stress. The firm’s main focus is to gain the most favorable resolution to a client’s case.

Your El Paso Defense Attorney

The attorneys at Carmona, Lozano, Meza have tried adult and juvenile cases ranging from Class C Assault to Capital Murder. He understands that what is most important to a person charged with a criminal case is that they are treated fairly in court. Through aggressive and ethical representation of their client’s rights, The CLM firm is dedicated to achieving the most favorable resolution for the client.

Juvenile Law

If a child is innocent of the government’s accusations, it is important for that child to have an experienced juvenile law attorney to be that child’s voice.

Federal Crime

It should come as no surprise, but federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF and IRS pursue criminal investigations and prosecutions with almost unlimited resources.

State Crime

In answering your charges you need an attorney with a broad range of experience to walk you through every stage of the criminal case.


If you have a loved one who is currently serving a prison sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)  – Institutional Division, do not hesitate to contact my office for a FREE CONSULTATION regarding the inmate’s eligibility to be considered for parole.

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